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Don't Wait Buyers--- If It Feels Right--- It is.

I love helping buyers find their dream home. I don't always love when my buyers don't see the right one, right away. As a Realtor, many times we "know" the house before you do. A great buyer's agent should ask enough questions about your likes and dislikes and get to know how you live in a home so that when "The One" comes along we are ready to jump as quickly as you are!

The worst is when we "know" it and you don't see it until it is under contract.

Of course, I would never tell you you are missing out because that is rude and it isn't my job to talk you into a home. The thing is, this typically becomes the turning point in home buying. This is when you as the buyer realize that sometimes waiting is the worst thing you can do.

Like the time when I know I had to have this Leopard Coat I LOVED but knew husband doesn't care for animal prints so I left it at the store. Then I thought about it all night. I even dreamed about it. The nex…

Smart Flight Tips

Flying can be exhilarating and nerve wracking all in the same breath. Flying high above the clouds, peering down on earth like a diorama, I love to get the window seat when I fly. Nothing wrong with asking someone to excuse you if you have to visit the restroom. That's why it's there, right? I love getting on a plane and flying miles away from home to a new adventure. The Dahlia Lama said it best when he spoke about travel, "Once a year, go someplace you have never been before." 

When you travel somewhere you have never been, you get the feeling you are not the big phenomena you have built up in your head about yourself. Thousands of people are doing the same things you do every morning. Getting coffee, snagging a bagel, eating chocolate, figuring out who they are and what they want from life. What is different though is the outlook you feel on what is happening and the experience you take from this moment. See the world. Get on a plane and travel far and wide. See the glory the world has to offer. 

Take these tips with you when you go.

  • Take a scarf along: Being in high altitudes can be chilling. The air is much cooler at 30,000 feet so instead of worrying if you might get a blanket on flight, carry along a scarf to cover with instead. Choose one with a bit of weight so you can curl up in your seat with it.

  • Pack socks in your carry-on: I hate being cold and if you have ever been on a long flight in slip-ons or flip flops you know how numbing your toes can get. I've learned to pack a warm pair socks in my carry-on for these times.  

  • Check Your Bag: I understand it costs more money to check your bag and maybe you have to wait an extra fifteen minutes to pick it up after you de-plane but lugging that piece of luggage around is a pain. How many people have tripped around it while you lug it to your next gate? A plus in checking your bag? You can pack as many toiletries as your heart desires! Go ahead and take the whole bottle of conditioner! Make sure you pack it in a separate bag though. Nothing worse than spilled liquid all over your clothing. 

  • Purchase Water After Security: Once you have bought any liquids you want to consume on-flight before the security gate you will never do it again. Once that seal has been broken, it needs to be drank or pitched. Save your hard earned cash for after you pass through the security gates.

  • What's Your Entertainment: Depending on your flight time, pack according to your entertainment needs. Some people just need a book, others need a pillow. I need a computer, four movies I can pick from in-air, my kindle in case I want to read, my phone for my music and the SkyMall. Variety is the spice of life they say, some need more than others. 

  • Board Last: I have never understood those who want to board first. For what? To sit in the stale air and watch people squeeze their carry-on's into the overhead bin? See, check you bags and you can just mosey on last call. Grab you seat, buckle up and be on to your destination. 

  • Don't Forget Gum or Chewy Candy: The air pressure during take-off can make your ears feel 'full' so don't forget to snack on some gum or chew on chewy candy to relieve the pressure. I really like Starburst.