Sage Turned 14

She was holding her dad's beer and did this. She is crazy!

We again went to Buggs Island for Sage's birthday. This year she turned 14! Where does time go? We spent the weekend on the water, roasting marshmallows, trying to avoid ticks, riding on the golf cart and of course eating at Pino's! Fun time! So excited Summer is HERE!


  1. I always wanted a summer birthday growing up. They always looked like so much fun. Your daughter's birthday was proof that summer birthdays are WAY better than winter birthdays! It's crazy how much your beautiful kiddos have grown! You're doing a great job, mama!!


    1. Me too Rachel. I know every year, a couple of days before my birthday (September 30th) it turns cold. I always wanted a pool party growing up and it never happened. Joe's birthday is December 13th and he tells me he hates its always cold then.They have grown. Ava is graduating from 5th grade in a couple of days and Sage will be a freshman next year. Douglas is going to be a SENIOR!


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