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What's My Home Really Worth--- The Question We All Want Answered!

There are really just two major considerations when you determine the appropriate value for your Williamsburg VA property: market value and appraised value.
This is where many people get confused on value--- So many people will say, “The assessed value is X, so that is what it is worth”. This is so not accurate. Many times a house will sell more than the assessed value as the assessed value is what the city/ county taxes you on. I’ve seen houses sell 30,000 over their assessed value and no one wants to leave money on the table. Do you? I didn’t think so!
So let’s go back to the two values I was talking about earlier!
Market value is the value that a buyer…today…is willing to pay for your home. The most effective way to determine market value is to look through the prospective buyer’s eyes---they are the ones you need to impress. Positioning your home properly among competing inventory is a critical step, and it’s important that your agent devotes the time necessary to study current m…

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