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Williamsburg Hot Sheet for January 18th- January 25th

  A Note from Liz: Welcome to the Crazy Land of Multiple Multiple Offers!   The market hasn’t been this fast-paced since 2004-5. Thankfully, the housing market is far more stable than it was then, and hopefully we will continue to see listing inventory expand in the coming months. So what does this mean for Sellers? If you are wanting to sell a house right now, you can expect to at least get your asking price--- maybe more. Also this means that most offers are not asking the seller to pay closing costs--- a savings of 3% in your pocket! The time is now to sell if you are wanting too! What does this mean for Buyers? If you are wanting to buy--- interest rates are amazing so expect to pay less for a house over the course of your loan and your monthly note. Just be aware that there are many buyers out there who are offering over asking price and paying their closing costs. When you make an offer you mus be realistic in your offer. Are you interested in moving forward? Let's talk!! Lei

Morning Boat Ride

We just got a new boat over the winter months and we are getting out on it for the first time. What beautiful weather we have been having. The James River was choppy but once made our way into the Chickahominy River, it was smooth sailing.


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