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It's Showtime! What To Do and What Not To Do

The sign is up and you are ready to show your home off! In any market, a hot one or not, you need to have your house prepared to show as soon as you are live! What should you do and not do for a showing?

Upgrades and Repairs:

If your home has undergone some major changes since you purchased your home, you may want to list these out. Many people will never even look at these but if they are interested they will. Upgrading your brass knobs on your kitchen is not a big deal to the buyer,but a new furnace, hot water heater or brand new roof is. Any transferable warranty should also be noted.

The list doesn't have to be long as I've stated, most people will not even notice it unless they do and if they do, they are not going to read a long list. A simple record is fine. If a professional was called in to do work, show receipts.

Neighborhood Info:

Not everyone looking at your home is familiar with the area. Show off your neighborhood with any information you have such as if there is …

Guest Post: Trendy Travel for Moms: A How to for Your Next Family Vacation

I am so excited to bring you a guest post today from Kendra Thornton. She is a mother of three like me and is the former Orbitz Director of Communications where she was able to travel all around the world. She is here to share with you Trendy Travel ideas for your next vacation!

Trendy Travel for Moms: A How to for Your Next Family Vacation

With summer here, many parents contemplate taking time off for a much needed vacation. Family vacations provide the time to reconnect with one another while offering welcome relief from the stressors that accompany daily life. As every mom knows, it’s essential to be prepared; but why do we often forget ourselves? Here are my cardinal rules for traveling with my kids while still looking my best.

1) Family Friendly Accommodations

More and more hotels and resorts design facilities with families in mind. Some offer indoor or outdoor pool areas with features similar to water parks. On a hot summer’s day, swimming areas provide refreshing relief. Family friendly resorts also typically have a selection of summer time activities that might include scenic trail rides on horseback. Besides entertainment, you’ll want to look into highchair and crib availability. Some locations offer kid’s clubs or concierge services that cater to younger guests with a host of fun-filled activities. With older kids entertained and plenty for the little ones, parents have the chance to slip away for some adult time.  Don’t just take the hotels word for it either – use a site like Gogobot to access advice from parents who have gone before you.  This list of Orlando hotels even notes those with quiet hours ideal for those with very young children traveling to the magical world of Disney this summer. 

2) Pack to Impress

 Since space is limited, you’re going to have to be decisive about what you bring.  Pack a versatile wrap or maxi dress for covering up on the beach. This easy clothing item also is excellent for moving from the beach to a store or restaurant without feeling under dressed  Best of all, it is lightweight and packs easily. A cotton maxi dress is an excellent day to evening look as well, eliminating the need to pack multiple outfits for one day. Throw in a lightweight jacket as well for cool nights.

3) Home Away from Home

When traveling with young children, stick with the routine commonly followed at home. Make sure the little ones stay energized by getting their naps and snacks. While adults may forego a meal for a few hours longer, the growing bodies of youngsters require continual refueling. Though meant as a relaxing time away from home, sightseeing and recreational activities regularly enjoyed on vacations may prove especially taxing on small ones. Unless allowed rest periods, smiles and giggles may soon turn to tears and tantrums.

4) Safety Doesn’t Have to be Sloppy

 If you’re traveling this summer, you’ll likely be spending some time in the sun.  When at the beach or lying under the rays, it’s essential to keep up with that sunscreen.  To avoid the mess, try Tocca’s sunscreen and moisturizing wipes.  These are great for moms and kids as they hydrate the skin and remain sweat and water-resistant.  Plus they take up much less room in your beach bag! 

5) Remember the Little Extras

There are a number of simple items that make traveling easier one way or another. Varied sizes of zipper topped plastic bags hold everything from snacks and small toys to damp or soiled clothing. Spills and other mishaps commonly occur with young children. Pack an extra outfit for each child and a blouse for mom, in a convenient carry-on bag. This way, if disaster strikes, everyone has the chance to freshen up. Pack a small first aid kit for those bumps, cuts, scrapes and bruises. A trendy backpack is ideal for airports as you’ll be able to keep your hands free and put less pressure on your shoulders.

Bio: Kendra Thornton: Travel advocate, TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman, proud wife and mama of 3. I am a long time travel expert who has been packing my bags and traveling the world since I was 3 months old! I've found my utmost desire in life is right here in my own home. I have taken my excitement for travel and brought it to you with some of my favorite travel tips and tricks. Enjoy!

I hope you guys enjoy these tips today! Have a great Thursday!!