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What is a Contingency?

  In my last blog I discussed what Pending means in Real Estate and I stated:   Anytime I say Pending, it means the house is under contract. Either with a contingency or not, the house is more than likely going to another buyer. It's just a matter of time until it closes and the new homeowner will be moving in. So what is a contingency?  Well a contingency in a contract is anything that must be first met to allow the sale to continue in the manner in which the contract was written. Most contracts have standard contingencies to include a home inspection, a financial contingency and an appraisal contingency. Other contingencies could include a home sale.  Home Inspection Contingency: This contingency allows the buyer to preform a home inspection (all home inspectors in the state of Virginia must have a license) and the buyer has the opportunity to ask for repairs in order for the contract to move forward. Sellers at this time can a couple of things. Repair all items Repair some it

Eat Ethereal Cupcakes and Coffee: Hampton, Virginia

Loranzo and Carolyn Whitfield of Ethereal Cupcakes and Coffee Shoppe in the Peninsula Town Center of Hampton, Virginia have something special happening in their corner of the world. Moist, tasty cupcakes with complementary icing make your mouth beg for more. Their frappuccinos rival any of your well-known coffee chains with a creamy, smoothness you want. I haven't witnessed a commitment to local artists like you will see here at Ethereal Cupcakes and Coffee Shoppe. As soon as you open the door into this open-kitchen designed shop, a smile pops up to brighten your day. This is what you can expect every time you visit and who doesn't love a smile? Ethereal Cupcakes and Coffee Shoppe will exceed your expectations and more of what a coffee shop should be.

The girls and I with Carolyn, Loranzo and Jaydn

The girls and I were invited for a taste test and we were happy to oblige. When we arrived we were greeted with a happy hello and invited to take a look at the cupcakes prepared for the day. Jaydn, a cute cupcake assistant with perfectly drawn cat-eye liner, explained each cupcake to us and asked which ones we would like to taste. We decided on the Pineapple Down Under, Snickerdoodle and the alcohol infused one for me, Southern Comfort Zone. After devouring each one, picking a favorite was hard. I relished in the Southern Comfort Zone. Sage and Ava agreed they loved the Snickerdoodle cake and icing the most and Douglas chose the Pineapple Down Under as her favorite.

Afterwards, Carolyn who lives in the baking zone of the kitchen, gave us a tour of the shop. The kitchen was super clean and you can tell this is a huge priority to the team. Carolyn explained Ethereal Cupcakes not only bakes cupcakes from 100% scratch each morning starting at six, but they use only the finest flours available, real butter, pure sugar and top quality Omega 3 eggs. Only when specifically noted will they use a shortening. Carolyn told me she only uses Spectrum Organic Shortening when she uses one.

Aren't those flowers lovely? Oh, wait that's a cupcake bouquet!

At Ethereal Cupcakes and Coffee Shoppe, they have made it their mission to provide the public with no artificial colors, additives or preservatives in their foods. Isn't that you want to provide for yourself or your family? Allergies? Vegan or Gluten-Free? No need to worry. With over twenty options of vegan or gluten-free cupcakes, you certainly can dig in and soothe your sweet tooth. Carolyn wants those who have certain dietary needs to be able to enjoy a fantastic dessert just like anyone else. She is such a sweetheart guys. If you ever have the chance to go in and say hello, make sure she gets one too!

Ethereal Cupcakes and Coffee Shoppe is also a great place to hang out on Wednesday night with Open Mic night or stop by on Friday evenings for live music. Loranzo is a music lover. Before opening Ethereal Cupcakes, he was a member of Nik and the Nice Guys in Rochester, NY. A dedication to the arts if evident in these two owners. Their walls are covered in canvas and photographs of local artists. So come by on a Wednesday and loosen up your chops or just come in on Friday evening and grab a cupcake and a frappuccino and listen to melodies in your ears. Browse the art of the walls and see what a real, local place is really about.

What to know when going:

Each day, ten cupcakes are baked for walk-in pickup. If you want to browse the online listing of all options and order something different, a minimum of 12 is suggested and 72 hours notice is nice.

Want to have something special made such as a wedding cake or a cupcake tier? Give the guys a ring at 757-223-0300 or contact them this way.

Any other concerns or questions? Check out their FAQ page.


  1. I can not wait to visit and have a cupcake. The owners seem wonderful. Hampton here I come.

  2. LOVE this place! I have bought cupcakes from here on a few occasions and they are always super moist and delicious. I have a "thing" for cake and cupcakes and have visited several "cupcakerys" in the Hampton Roads area. Ethereal is by far the best of them! My only complaint is my waistline does not love them as much as my soul does, so I can't indulge as often as I would like. However, my son is about to graduate high school so I see a a "special occasion" visit there in my future. Not for him but for my "drown my sorrows my kid is graduating" cupcake heaven for me.


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