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Residential Development Will Replace Spotswood Golf Course

Interesting news! Colonial Williamsburg president Cliff Fleet has announced that the Spotswood par-3 golf course, part of the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club, will be developed into a residential neighborhood in close proximity to Merchants Square, the College of Williams & Mary and other downtown Williamsburg amenities. That will leave the Golden Horseshoe with two highly regarded 18-hole golf courses, the Green and the Gold. In an email to Golden Horseshoe members, Fleet said the nine-hole Spotswood course "has been underutilized for many years,” and that its land would be redeveloped “into a high-quality, walkable” neighborhood that will sit adjacent the Williamsburg Inn and the Golden Horseshoe club. No timeframe was announced for the project, which Fleet wrote is in the very early stages of planning. Fleet said Colonial Williamsburg believes “this initiative will significantly enhance Williamsburg as both a destination and a community.” Thoughts?

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