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What is a Contingency?

  In my last blog I discussed what Pending means in Real Estate and I stated:   Anytime I say Pending, it means the house is under contract. Either with a contingency or not, the house is more than likely going to another buyer. It's just a matter of time until it closes and the new homeowner will be moving in. So what is a contingency?  Well a contingency in a contract is anything that must be first met to allow the sale to continue in the manner in which the contract was written. Most contracts have standard contingencies to include a home inspection, a financial contingency and an appraisal contingency. Other contingencies could include a home sale.  Home Inspection Contingency: This contingency allows the buyer to preform a home inspection (all home inspectors in the state of Virginia must have a license) and the buyer has the opportunity to ask for repairs in order for the contract to move forward. Sellers at this time can a couple of things. Repair all items Repair some it

Restaurant Week in Williamsburg!

 Who doesn't love to eat out? I know I do. Last year before the Pandemic hit, my goal was to eat at any restaurant in town I hadn't. Well you can only imagine how that turned out.... I think we were all in the same boat together, am I right? I do have to say, I still enjoy a great dining experience out, exceptional service and the opportunity not to cook. 

Le Yaca

My husband and I are more lunchers than anything. For one, the meal is less expensive and then you can have happy hour and not have to worry about driving--- am I right?? I know I am. Ha!

I just realized it is Restaurant Week in The Burg--- I was eating lunch with a girlfriend at Opus this afternoon and saw the menu. I do have to admit I actually didn't order off of it because I am typically a Pot Pie only girl at Opus but I just made the most incredible Pot Pie Soup on Sunday and I was looking for something different. So I looked and made my choice--- The Chicken Genoese. An amazing piece of  pesto marinated chicken covered in mozzarella cheese and served over a bed of sauteed spinach and sundried tomotoes. It was simply divine and when the manager came to ask how our meal was and I babbled on just like I do, he let me in on a little secret. He told me this was a staff favorite! I can understand why.

Ok, I have gotten off a bit on Restaurant Week here.... let's support our local restaurants this week. With 37 Restaurants offering up some of their best dishes, pack away the cooking utensils and keep the pans in the cabinet this week and try something new.  

Paul's Deli

Aberdeen Barn has a Three Course for 2 at $49.99. Start with their famous basket of Sesame Seed Breadsticks and that amazing cheddar port cheese. Enjoy a salad and then choose individually for either a 8 oz. Banquet Cut of Roast Prime Rib of Beef Au Jus • Grilled Top Sirloin • Broiled Seafood Combination of Mahi Mahi and Jumbo White Shrimp. Entrees served with choice of Baked Idaho Potato, Mashed Garlic Red Skin Potatoes, Wild Rice Blend, Fresh Steamed Broccoli, Steak Fries or Barn Fries. Finish all of that off with The Mother Lode for Two: Chocolate Chip Brownie Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Hot Fudge Sauce. I mean really? $49.99 and you know you will have some leftovers. 

Fat Tuna

Who is Participating? 

1607 Grill at Williamsburg National

Aberdeen Barn

Amber Ox

Axe Republic

Bakers Crust

Berrets Seafood and Taphouse

Blue Talon



College Delly

Craft 31

Dog Street Pub

Fat Tuna

Gabriel Archer Tavern

Greene Leaf

Illy Caffe

The Jefferson

La Piazza Italian

Le Yaca

Mama Steve's

Oceans and Ale

Old City BBQ

Opus 9

Paul's Deli-- Downtown

Paul's Deli New Town

Revolution Golf and Grille

Rocco's Smokehouse

Sal's Ristorante Italiano

Sal's by Victor

Second Street Bistro

The Cheese Shop of Virginia

The Corner Pocket

The Whaling Company

Traditions Restaurant at Williamsburg Lodge


York River Oyster Co

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